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My NightLens Experience

Blog picBryan Holman O.D. – River Region Vision Source

So, I have been wearing glasses and contact lenses since I was 14 years old. I didn’t “really” start wearing my glasses until I turned 16 as I was not legal to drive in the state of Alabama because my vision was so bad. I can remember my vision starting to get blurry during school while I was trying to copy notes from the chalkboard – yes, I did say chalkboard, smartboards and ipads were not in the cards when I was growing up.   My vision progressively got worse and soon enough I needed to see my Optometrist for glasses and contact lenses. Now that you know my “vision story” of the past, I want to tell you my vision story at the present time.

I now correct my vision with NightLens. NightLens is the vision reshaping lens I chose to use for my Orthokeratology practice. OrthoK is a treatment where I design a special corneal mold that reshapes ones cornea to improve the vision. NightLens corneal molds are the best in my opinion! NightLens can be designed and modified to treat a much larger range of vision than other types of OrthoK molds. As a WAVE Certified Contact Lens Designer, I can use NightLens to treat: myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, and presbyopia.

My vision started at a -0.75 nearsighted correction at 14 years old. It progressed to a -2.00 nearsighted correction with mild astigmatism. I designed my NightLenses a little over 1 year ago and I will never forget the first morning when I got out of the bed! I was very anxious to see if my vision was “fixed.” I went to my bathroom and removed my NightLenses and BOOOM! – I could see clearly! I went in to the office to take some measurements on my eyes and I was astonished that I could see 20/20 overnight!

I wish that NightLens could have been an option for me when I was a boy. OrthoK has been proven to slow down and even stop a child’s eyes from getting more nearsighted! If I had started NightLens treatment at 14, my -2.00 nearsightedness may not have happened. I was also an athlete as a child and teenager and if I would have had NightLens I could have played my sport(s) without the hassle of my glasses and contact lenses!

I am a huge fan of NightLens! I am excited to get the word out to the River Region about it and how it can help you or your child’s vision. For more information you can visit my site at or feel free to call our office at 334-285-4828.

The picture above shows the NightLens on my eye.